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Root Canal Therapy in Midwest City

The nerve inside of a tooth may become inflamed or may die due to decay, trauma, or a cracked tooth.

You may need a root canal if:Root Canal Therapy in Midwest City OK | A Man Holds His Face In Pain

  • Your tooth has lingering pain to hot or cold
  • Your tooth hurts when you chew
  • Your tooth hurts on its own
  • Your dentist finds an abscess at the bottom of the root, which may or may not have pain associated with it

When the nerve is inflamed or dies, the infection must be removed from the tooth. Unfortunately, teeth simply cannot heal themselves, even with antibiotics. The infection is trapped inside the tooth, out of range for antibiotic therapy. It is crucial that the infection is removed from the body in order to stop it from progressing.

In order to heal an infected tooth, we must complete a process of cleaning it and placing medications into the tooth, which disinfects it and helps your body heal the infection. This is also known as a root canal.

After the tooth is disinfected, we place a filling material inside the tooth and seal it up. After a root canal, the tooth is “hollowed out” and is very brittle. As you can imagine, it is very easy to fracture a hollowed out, brittle tooth. Because of this, a crown is typically placed over a tooth that has had a root canal to protect it from breaking

Crowns can be made of a variety of materials like porcelain, which is tooth-colored, and gold. We will discuss your options with you to help choose the best material for your tooth. With a tooth-colored or porcelain crown, we match the shade of the surrounding teeth so the final crown matches and blends naturally. That way your tooth is restored to the way it was before having the root canal procedure done.

Root Canals in Midwest City OK | A Cross Section of A Tooth and Its RootWhat Is it Like to Have a Root Canal?

Root canals are a very common procedure. At Red Rock Family Dentistry, we want to make sure you are comfortable during a root canal. We offer nitrous oxide sedation and oral sedation to help you relax if you are anxious about having a root canal.

Also, we will make sure your tooth is properly numbed so that you do not feel pain during the procedure. Once the root canal is completed, your new crown is cemented in place, and your tooth and the infection has healed, the tooth will look and feel like a normal tooth.

Are There Any Alternatives to Having a Root Canal?

If a root canal is recommended to save your tooth and you decide to not move forward with the procedure, the only other way to remove the infection is to remove the tooth. We also offer tooth extractions at Red Rock Family Dentistry.

If you think you may need a root canal, give our office a call at (405) 733-8136. We understand that toothaches are extremely painful and we do reserve time in our schedule to see emergency patients, even if you have never been seen before at our office.

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